Our professional services satisfy requirements and needs in the following tasks :


Execution of projects

Our professionals have the experience to lead large projects in the area of geomatics, with responsibility and knowledge to ensure the expected products.



Counseling services for the better execution of work according to regulations, agreements and expected scope. We also offer support during the implementation of projects to ensure the customers satisfaction.


Quality control

We offer the service of quality control applied to processes and products related to geomatics projects, presenting periodic and final reports, adjusted to current standards and contractual parameters.


Works Supervision

Support monitoring of activities carried out by contracted third parties.




  • Base maps

  • Thematic maps

  • Ortophotos
  • Monitor

    Remote Sensing

  • Satellite imaging

  • Photogrammetric proceses

  • Photogrammetric flights using UAV's
  • Monitor

    Geographic Information Systems

  • Design and implementation of geo-spatial database

  • Design and implementation of information systems

  • Cloud Computing
  • Monitor


  • Control works and powerlines

  • Expert reports

  • Urbanismsand cadastre
  • Monitor

    Geodesic support

  • Geodetic network

  • Geodetic surveys

  • “Education is not the learning of facts, but the training of the mind To THINK"

    Albert Einstein

    About Us

    The company GeoTepuy SL was created to provide better and more comprehensive services in an increasingly demanding market of new technologies to meet the needs in the areas of Cartography, Photogrammetry, Geographic Information Systems, Cadastre and Topography and Geomatics. Combining the experiences of our professionals and the spirit of working with quality and excellence in GeoTepuy SL we offer services, solutions with quality and commitment.


    In Professional Training

    Our mission at GeoTepuy SL in Professional Training, is to be a technological training center of excellence in Europe and America driven by the transmission of knowledge, experience and the vision to innovate and find the best solutions to problems.

    In Projects Development

    Our mission at GeoTepuy SL in Projects Development, is contribute to find viable, efficient and timely solutions applying the best technologies, to the complex problems of in diverse areas to grant economic grow contributing to the environment.

    Meteosat live


    The People

    Our team is formed by a group of scientists, engineers, and technologists in geomatics, available to offer solutions with the highest standards of quality and precision using high level technologies.

    Julián Garcia


    Geodesic Engineer with experience in geomatics-related areas such as Geodesy, Photogrammetry, Cartography, GPS, GIS, and Remote Sensing applied to the industries of oil and gas, environmental impact, resource management and emergency response planning.

    Hans Molina


    A degree in computer science with expertise in marketing and business strategy, and extensive experience in the areas of Remote Sensing, automated mapping and application of technologies.

    Carlos Rojo


    Agronomist Engineer. Expert in GIS, CAD, surveying and geomatics tools. Specialist in projects of Remote Sensing applied to agriculture monitoring.

    Victor Vilachá


    Geodesic Engineer with different courses of specialization in the United States and Canada in Remote Sensing, Digital Cartography and Remote Sensing.

    Rodrigo Lazo


    Computer Science Engineer with a M.Sc. in Biology. Specialist in GIS (GIS) and remote sensing. Se centra en la aplicación de estas tecnologías en temas ambientales y petroleros. He focuses on the application of these technologies in environmental and oil issues.

    Survey technologies


    GeoTepuy SL performs perform cartographic updating, monitoring and control of works by capturing and processing images from UAV´s

    Topographic Survey

    GeoTepuy SL has specialized equipment of measurement like Total Stations, Automatic Levels, Differential GPS, and Laser Stations.

    Technology Systems

    Digital Image Processing

    Quality enhencements
    geometric Corrections / Orthorectifications
    Cartographic Restitutions from aerial photographs and high resolution satellite images
    Interpretation and thematic analysis from aerial photographs and satellite images
    CMultispectral classifications
    Bands fusion
    Digital Process based on statistical spectral analisis

    Geographic Information Systems

    Data conversion
    Coordinates transformations
    Develope and customize of GIS software
    Design and develope of GIS applied

    “in moments of crisis, only imagination is more important than knowledge”

    Albert Einstein
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